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Wyld Networks enables affordable connectivity across the globe in areas where wireless coverage is unavailable or congested.
Gain insights and improve operational efficiency by connecting people and IoT devices through low power sensor-to-satellite and mobile mesh networks.

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Wyld Networks is expanding globally through partnerships:

Mesh Technology
Wyld Networks have partnered with Ascom AG as a distributor for Wyld Mesh across the verticals: Retail, Hospitality, Care Homes and Hospitals. Wyld Networks have installations of Wyld Mesh in collaboration with NHS Scotland for Care (Nursing) Homes

Satellite IoT
Wyld Networks partnered with Wezen Group, Delta-T as distributors for Wyld Connect.
Wyld Networks partnered with a global satellite provider to deliver direct sensor to satellite LoRaWAN connectivity.

Solution description

Mesh Technology
Wyld Networks have developed an additional layer of wireless connectivity that connects smartphones/IoT devices directly to smartphones/IoT devices, in a peer-to-peer mesh network without the need for a traditional LTE infrastructure or even Wi-Fi to create these networks. Mesh technology enables data to find it’s quickest and easiest route by hopping from device to device. As the mesh builds up it becomes stronger and more robust – it is self-healing and there is no single point of failure.
This unlocks the ability for high precision, location-aware actionable content in real-time - through geozoning technology (both static and dynamic). The infrastructure-lite solution utilizes our algorithm based on Evolutionary Game Theory and patented peer-to-peer trilateration methodologies.
We're currently rolling out Mesh Technology as enterprise solutions in the following verticals: Retail, Hospitality, Tourism, Venues & Stadia, Care Homes, Hospitals, Manufacturing and Smart Factories

Satellite IoT
Wyld Networks are looking to provide IoT connectivity solutions: custom designs of RF modems, connected sensors & sensor to satellite direct connectivity. Wyld Networks specialize in LPWAN. LoRaWAN is our preferred protocol (although we work with Sigfox, NBIoT, Wireless MBus, BLE, Bluetooth etc.) Wyld Networks' specialization is creating connectivity solutions for difficult to reach locations with low power and long-distance.


Wyld Mesh:
Social Networks – Retail, Events, Stadiums
Enterprise and IoT Networks – Smart factories, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Transportation hubs, Agritech
5G Device to Device (D2D) – 5G connectivity for low latency applications -
Autonomous Vehicles, AR/VR connectivity

Wyld IoT: Agriculture, Maritime, Transportation, Environmental monitoring, Mining, O&G
Sensor and Device Manufacturers (OEMs), System Integrators

Product Portfolio:
· Wyld Mesh - Software agent embedded in branded mobile applications creating direct mesh connectivity between smartphones and IoT devices without need for Wi-Fi or 4G
· Wyld Connect - IoT wireless software and proprietary chipset for connecting IoT sensors into the wireless mesh network supporting LoRa + LoRaWan, BTLE, NBIoT, Wireless MBus
· Wyld Fusion - Integration and data analytics platform delivering location-aware content to end users on the mesh and collection and visualisation of data from smartphones and IoT devices


Wyld Mesh
- Mesh Connectivity, P2P WiFi and WiFi Direct (in a multihop + Bluetooth (BTLE 4.1) and future road mapped to support LTE A Direct and 5G D2
- Each device (smartphone or IoT sensor) can mesh up to 6 other devices building a strong mesh Route selection dependent on coverage and latency mDNS/DNS-SD for Service Discovery Algorithm based on
Evolutionary Game Theory and patented Trilateration methodologies
- Works without 4G and WiFi
- Self-forming and self-healing
- Location-specific
- Geozoning creation (both static and dynamic)

Satellite IoT
- Direct sensor to satellite connectivity
- LoRaWAN Connectivity anywhere at low power


Wyld Mesh
The ability for Industrial, Telecommunications, Enterprise and Government to create:
- Scalable Mobile Mesh Networks – Retail, Events, Stadiums
- Enterprise and IoT Networks – Smart Factories, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Transportation hubs, Agritech
- 5G Device to Device (D2D) – 5G connectivity for low latency applications: Autonomous Vehicles, AR/VR connectivity

Satellite IoT
Wyld have created advanced wireless technology for sensors and devices to communicate directly with Low Earth Orbit satellites. From agriculture to asset tracking and maritime to environmental monitoring, satellite connectivity brings a wealth of new potential for capturing vital business data from remote or difficult to reach areas. Only 20% of the Earth’s surface has cellular coverage and less than 1% has IoT connectivity. With low power LoRaWAN sensor-to-satellite connectivity, nowhere is too difficult to reach.

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