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What is Fujitsu uSCALE?

Cloud-first strategies are today’s norm and there are good reasons for this considering the benefits in terms of cost, scalability, and flexibility. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the public cloud is a universal answer to every challenge. Especially due to security and privacy as well as compliance requirements, or legislative regulations, some apps, data, and workloads should continue to be operated on premises.
Fujitsu uSCALE offers infrastructure-as-a-service - in your own data center, according to your own compliance regulations and at costs that will surprise and convince you. Benefit from an IT solution that is aligned to your specific needs with a pay-as-you-go business model which offers flexible up and down options. This way you get a truly predictable cost framework. In other words, Fujitsu uSCALE brings the real benefits of the cloud to your data center.

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