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Get to know the innovative superpower solutions

You don't always have to start from scratch. Explore the Fujitsu Partner Ecosystem solution catalogue.

Private GPT - Start chatting with your data

With 100% Data Sovereignty for your private company data, this solution allows to tap into the power of GPTs - on premise and zero links to the internet/cloud.

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We Transform your Business with Tailored LLM Solutions - by VAGO SOLUTIONS

Fine-Tune Large Language Models to Customer Needs; Build and Deploy On Premise RAG Systems; Develop Training Data Pipelines to enable Customers to train on their own data;

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360° view on your enterprise knowledge with Datafari Enterprise Search

Propose an appliance bundling fujitsu hardware and Datafari software; Combine Datafari with Fujitsu AI partners to improve the search relevancy; specialise Datafari for industrial use cases.

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Cutting-Edge Data Centre Services, Expert Professional Solutions, and Seamless Services Tailored for your Business

Technimove deliver successful, secure services and projects from discovery to implementation and beyond. The team are led and driven by experts and specialists with world-class tools and knowledge.

Technimove Ltd
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Pioneering Digitalization Solutions for Manufacturers

Our production management system (MES) pronto digitalizes your production plant and combines materials management with production technology.

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Virtualization made in Germany - avoid access by US authorities (and other) to data

best performance tested with Fujitsu, smooth migration of products from market competitors, more power at less cost remain the owner of your data

CosiFan Computersysteme GmbH
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Roads and Border Security

Making sense of all the sensors on the road through metaBOF backoffice.

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Automatics - SAP Basis Automation Platform

With a cross-platform automation solution, an integrated discovery of your SAP systems and workflows that can be used immediately, our software automatics manages to carry out recurring SAP system operation tasks fully automatically with just a few clicks, thus reducing dependencies, errors and risks in your daily business.

automatics.AI GmbH
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Migration Factory by PASS - The fully automated farewell to legacy systems

Software modernization on all levels. The end is looming for costly old platforms and for very good reasons: The number of experts with insight into legacy systems is constantly declining. IT budgets are strained by hefty license and maintenance costs. But most of all, the company is downright cut off from technical advancement

PASS IT-Consulting Dipl.-Inf. G. enecker GmbH & Co. KG
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The place where AI runs - The Arc Reactor to Iron Man’s Suit by Cyxtera

Three ways we can work with you: - Cyxtera’s Ecosystem Partner Program provides partners with a comprehensive framework to launch, market, develop and commercialise their service offerings in world class data center facilities. - Cyxtera Labs program assists both Partners and Customers with incubation hosting opportunities to get R&D projects off the ground, whilst reducing time to market and providing opportunities to commercialise and deliver value sooner. - Cyxtera transforms the go to market strategy of VARs & OEMs by turning Products into cloud adjacent aaS Solution offerings.

Cyxtera Technology UK LTD.
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vRx - Consolidated Vulnerability Assessment, Prioritization and Remediation by VICARIUS

Vendor - Provider of vRX

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Unicon: Securely manage virtual desktop endpoints

Securely manage virtual desktop endpoints with elegance: eLux; Scout

Unicon GmbH
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ERP Pantheon by KONTRAX

Powerful and Adaptable ERP Software in reasonable price

Kontrax JSC
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Microsoft Power Platform: Digitize Processes - provided by the Experts of DATOM

Do you want to bring your processes to a new level, save costs and make your work easier? At datom, we support you in working more effectively and cost-effectively with the tools of the Microsoft Power Platform. We analyze your processes and maximize your potential as experts in the implementation of complex workflows. Are you ready for the next step? Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of no-/low-code tools enabling users to build custom business apps, automate workflows, analyze data, and create AI-powered chatbots.

datom - Gesellschaft für produktive Computergemeinschaften mbH
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SECaaS: Affordable Security Managed Service by DATOM

With the datom you are protected against security gaps in the system. Malware, spam and fishing mails don't stand a chance at datom. And that with simple and inexpensive means. As a managed service provider, we offer years of experience in defending against security risks with a simple "Security as a Service" product. Treasure Keeper for your data.

datom - Gesellschaft für produktive Computergemeinschaften mbH
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM provided by the experts from DATOM

We know how customer relationship management works. Benefit from a team with many years of experience in the field of process management and how to implement this in a tool from Microsoft. Data collection, dashboards and tasks have never been easier than with the experts from datom and Dynamics 365 CRM from Microsoft.

datom - Gesellschaft für produktive Computergemeinschaften mbH
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End to End Data Management by ChainSys

Chainsys is a trusted innovator in the API “Be Connected” Economy, Data Management space, and ERP Implementations. Our success can be largely attributed to our project and program management experience, industry and process knowledge, in-depth experience in the ERP Applications and our own ChainSys Smart Data Platform™ Suite of Cloud Accelerate Tools (dataZap™, dataZen™, dataZense™), Smart BOTS™ and Smart App Builder™.

Chain-Sys Europa B.V.
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Traffic Management Solutions powered by Prisma Solutions

Smart City, Smart Mobility, Smart Logistics, Traffic Management 4.0, Autonomous Driving, eGovernment 2.0 ... all these are often used terms today. We let these often abstract terms become reality. With concrete solutions for concrete areas of application.

PRISMA solutions EDV- Dienstleistungen GmbH
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UDS Enterprise: The only all-in-one, all-included VDI solution by Virtual Cable

Create a fully customized digital workspace solution combining VDI, vApp and remote access to devices with UDS Enterprise and with Fujitsu servers and hybrid cloud solutions.

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Turning your transformation strategy into reality by Culcha

Culcha is a #TransformTech tool: It allows you to cut through the resistance and make your strategy happen!

Culcha GmbH
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Palm Vein Biometric Solutions. Expect more. Be Secure by BW SYSTEM AG

BWO UltraSecure Solutions are complete solutions based on the Fujitsu PalmSecure sensor technology, using palm vein pattern recognition for tamper-proof authentication of individuals in a split second with maximum ease of use.

BWO Systems AG
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AI powered Intelligent Video Analytics Platform by GRAYMATICS

Graymatics is an AI based video analytics provider which provides deep insights from the existing CCTV infrastructure

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Protect the security, availability and integrity of archive and backup data by ITERNITY

iTernity provides software-defined solutions for archiving and backup storage to address data growth, cost pressure, fulfillment of regulations, cyber resiliency, and IT complexity. The result: more security, less effort, no worries. We take your data securely into the future!

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VISION: Digital Microscopy and AI by WEST MEDICA

West Medica feels strongly that innovation is the key to a brighter future and improves the quality of life for everyone. Development of Vision solutions for digital microscopy is a top priority and the main focus of West Medica.

West Medica Produktions- und Handels-GmbH
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OT experience for more than 20 years by Banet

Planning, development and operational skills in OT -

banet GmbH
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Secure Data Transfer by FILBICO

DATA DIODE (DD) The DATA DIODE device ensures one-way data flow between systems (subsystems) or IT networks and strict confidentiality of data processed in a system with a higher classification (higher security level) in relation to system users with a lower classification. The Transmit-Receiving Unit consists of two unidirectional fiber interfaces (separators) ensuring one-way data flow at the physical layer level and two data flow controllers providing interfaces with connected IT networks. The device also includes specialized software (operating system and, of course, application software).

FILBICO Sp. z o.o.
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Surveillance Data Filtration by FILBICO

The Surveillance Data Filter (SDF) is a modern solution designed to surveillance data filtering and declassification.

FILBICO Sp. z o.o.
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Surveillance Data Distribution by FILBICO

The Surveillance Data Distribution Node (SDDN) is a modern solution designed and developed by FILBICO in order to ensure the delivery of large data streams (mainly radars) and their distribution and exchange between surveillance systems/networks (civil and military).

FILBICO Sp. z o.o.
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Radar Data Presentation by FILBICO

FLIGHT VIEWER (FLV) The Filbico Flight Viewer (FLV) with TAPAS software (Tailored ApplicationPlatform for ATC Solutions) is modern application designed to support flight controllers (TWR, APP, ACC) in their activities

FILBICO Sp. z o.o.
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Radar Data Analysis by FILBICO

The Filbico Radar ASTERIX Analyzer (RAXA) with SALSA software (Scalable Asterix Listener, Simulator and Analyzer) is a modern toolset to radar data testing and evaluation.

FILBICO Sp. z o.o.
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Modern Cybersecurity Services & Enterprise Cyber Resilience by STEFANINI GROUP

Tailored and adaptable cybersecurity solutions based on leading technology, for 360 degree cyber risk mitigation.

Stefanini Germany GmbH
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Cognitive Platform SOPHIE by STEFANINI GROUP

Sophie is a Conversational AI solution that aims to understand natural language and support users with FAQs, troubleshooting and more. By talking with users, Sophie can help by optimizing tasks, enhancing productivity, and improving employee and customer experience.

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RedSky by COCRE8

CoCre8 recognised the need for flexible hybrid cloud solutions spanning across consumption based Private cloud as well as off premise cloud based solution offerings. RedSky offers customers flexible IaaS solutions matching the best of both worlds aligning to various customer scenarios. We believe as a hardware provider this will enable us to compete in a market where hardware is perceived to be replaced long term with cloud based only solutions. It also provides the clients with licensing flexibility; with perpetual licenses you pay for software upfront and support contracts annually. For larger software deployments the upfront cost can be significant which means a large capital expenditure (CAPEX) is often required. With a LaaS model, this is changed to an operational expenditure (OPEX).

CoCre8 Technology Solutions
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VDI Platform: redefining application delivery by ONECLICK

Modern, scalable and secure digital workplaces: Complement Fujitsu hardware with a powerful and easy-to-use virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for a holistic application delivery solution.

oneclick AG
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Data Governance, Risk & Compliance by NUIX

Nuix technology helps you fulfil your client’s governance, risk and compliance needs with software to identify high-risk and high-value information, clean up messy data, comply with regulations and respond to privacy requests.

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Complete Cloud Visibility, no gaps by Gigamon

Gain the visibility and control you need to simplify workload deployments to the hybrid cloud. Extend your on-prem and cloud-based tools to maintain security and compliance, while applying context from network and application data for consistent observability. One unified visibility and analytics platform enables you to view, manage and scale your hybrid infrastructure, and accelerate your cloud migration.

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Your PalmSecure one stop shop by BIOSEC

BioSec provides with its biometric portfolio a wide spectrum of solutions using the next generation contactless palm vein recognition since more than a decade. Our primary goal is to develop secure, user friendly, comfortable solutions in the field of access control, IT Security and biometric platforms. Through our platform, palm vein recognition can be a part of Your system easily.

BioSec Group Kft.
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Virtual Desktops as a Service vDaaS by NEXTGEN UX

Virtual Desktop as a Service (or vDaaS) delivering Windows 10 virtual desktops with predictable monthly costs. Offering the control, user experience, performance and security of enterprise-grade dedicated infrastructure in partnership with Fujitsu and Cyxtera Global Data Centers.

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The First-ever Zero Trust Access Orchestration Platform - by SAFE-t

Fully transparent and simple to deploy, Safe-T provides an innovative and unique network-centric ability to implement ZTNA within corporate networks.

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AI-based optimization for OR Planning (hospitals) by nextOR

Currently, operating room management works manually in large parts and does not make optimal use of cost-intensive resources. nextOR is our solution for the intelligent OR management of tomorrow: Integrated AI-driven OR-Planning.

NEXT Data Service AG
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Make core systems as light as the cloud by OPENLEGACY

Decouple monolithic core systems with the only modernization platform delivering the speed and simplicity of cloud development. Enterprises rely on OpenLegacy Hub to bridge the gap between digital innovation and core systems. With Hub, untangle core system data – and streamline your innovation strategy across digital and legacy architecture.

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Unify data intelligently for better access, trust, and control by TIBCO

Fujitsu and TIBCO, leading software vendor covering data integration, management and analytics, join forces to unlock the potential of real-time data to deliver faster, smarter decisions and superior business value in your enterprise. Successful customer intimacy, operational excellence, and business reinvention efforts require every kind of data—metadata, reference data, master data, transactional, and streaming data. Managing this diversity in a well-governed and consistent way is the objective of Unify, TIBCO's line of data management products. Enable your team with the capabilities required for better data access, trust, and control.

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Identify insights in real time with smarter, more immersive analytics by TIBCO

You can act on these insights for data-informed decisions and better business outcomes. Fujitsu and TIBCO join forces to unlock the potential of real-time data to deliver faster, smarter decisions and superior business value in your enterprise. Today's most innovative enterprises have developed hyper-aware nerve centers that let them act on the latest findings and make effective decisions. Hyperconverged analytics provides this next-gen analytics technology that unifies advancements in visual analytics, data science, and streaming analytics into a seamless experience for everyone—business users, analysts, data scientists, and analytics app developers. Explore your data—structured, unstructured, and streaming—find insights in the fastest time possible, build and manage machine learning pipelines, and deliver trusted intelligence through embedded data science for agile and adaptive operations and amazing customer experiences.

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Accelerate SQL queries, Data Preparation, ETL and BI with the power of GPU by SQREAM

SQream empowers organizations to analyze the full scope of their massive data and achieving critical insights.Accelerate SQL processes, from half-terabyte to 100s of Petabyte with the power of GPU, drill-down capability on raw data, no need to pre-aggregate or any data preparation. On-Premis, in any Cloud or at the Edge. Complex SQL, Data enrichment, Data Preperation, ETL, ELT, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Lakes, Predictive Analytics, TimeSeries, Geolocation, AVRO, JSON, XML, Parquet

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Find your faults like mom does: log & Event Management for each Data Source with Splunk by SHD

Leverage your machine data! System Haus Dresden - SHD. - offers tool to provide a central and cross-system view of the data of your applications and business systems. SHD is ready to support other FUJITSU Select partners with our expertise as a sub contractor with the Splunk expertise and Splunk contract.

SHD System-Haus-Dresden GmbH
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360° view of your IT Infrastructure by Know & Decide

Our Data Management solution allows you to obtain the 360° view of your IT infrastructure by gathering all your technical, functional and financial data. Moreover, this solution from KNOW and DECIDE automates compliancy control of your repositories (quality and consistency) that will ensure the quality of your production plan, the reliability of your policy security and the respect of your internal processes of decommissioning.

Know And Decide
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“Green Cloud” Backup and Archiving aaS by SJ Solutions

Sj Solutions acts a subcontractor for any of our SELECT PARTNERS an provides Commvault/FUJITSU based backup and archiving aaS. which you can take to your end customers. This works at the customer's own datacenter, in colocation or your datacenter and meets local legislation and offers full compliancy.

SJ-Solutions B.V.
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NVMe as a Service SDS by LIGHTBITS

Leverage the state-of-art software defined storage solution of Lightbits Labs for BMaaS and Edge solutions on NVMe. Improve the performance and efficiency of your offer, lowering overall TCO and improving value for your customers.

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Why settle for the second-best Digital TWIN, when you can have “the best”? - by CAPGEMINI ENGINEERING & FUJITSU

Capgemini Engineering has teamed up with Fujitsu to build a real-time collaborative solution for “Augmented operation of Robotic Arm”. The solution uses Capgemini Engineering’s EXIST platform hosted on the Fujitsu IntelliEdge and DDTS platforms. In a world challenged by changing circumstances, does your organization have the right solution to help you collaborate in industrial scenarios? Have you experienced real time collaboration between humans and machines using “Digital Twins”? Capgemini Engineering presents “EXIST”, a “best-in-class” platform for real-time, intelligent collaboration between humans and machines based on the concept of “Digital Twins”. It is compatible with and has been successfully hosted on Fujitsu’s IntelliEdge and DDTS Platforms. Commonly, we look for partners who want to create a successful customer journey on top of our combined solution.

Cap Gemini Deutschland GmbH
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Sales manager

COMM2IG is an IT reseller located in Denmark. We cover all of Denmark with three business locations. We offer infrastructure solutions to both private and public customers.

Comm2ig A/S
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DevOps in a box - Infrastructure and Application Modernization by CROSSVALE

Everything you need to be business applications READY for todays' customers. No matter where you are already on the modernization journey. Built on the Red Hat OpenShift platform, breathing with the customer/partner to create the perfect solution.

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THE specialists in data protection providing secure and expert services to keep business-critical data protected - by HARBOR SOLUTIONS

Harbor make the complex simple by providing secure and reliable backup, disaster recovery and support services to mid-market and enterprise organisations. Through Innovative Services, we make the complex simple and protect our client’s data, wherever it is, via a World Class Delivery and Operational organisation. We leverage our specialist knowledge of the data protection market to offer solutions that are designed with our customers at the centre.

Harbor Solutions ltd
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Connect IoT devices anywhere by WYLD NETWORKS

Wyld Networks enables affordable connectivity across the globe in areas where wireless coverage is unavailable or congested. Gain insights and improve operational efficiency by connecting people and IoT devices through low power sensor-to-satellite and mobile mesh networks.

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Wirepas Mesh: Wireless connectivity for Massive IoT by WIREPAS

Wirepas Mesh is a wireless connectivity for massive IoT. It is integrated in devices enabling a scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient IoT solution. Our ever-growing partner ecosystem provides off-the-shelf and/or customized products to meet your various IoT needs for various industries/verticals. We solve large-scale IoT challenges in an extended ecosystem approach, supporting partners and customers alike.

Wirepas Oy
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SHINE: a Data Science & Machine Learning Platform for Integration by WWS

SHINE Data Platform is a DSML (Data Science and Machine Learning) platform as a WWS data technologies core product that enables a coherently products integration, components, libraries and frameworks (including proprietary and open source software). SHINE Data Platform was developed to be used by all kinds of users, despite their technical skills and responsibility within the organization. Although, this platform capability is only possible due to the endeavor, the imagination and the technical competence with great teamwork combination. The team is mainly composed by data science professionals. These include expert data scientists, citizen data scientists, data engineers and machine learning (ML) engineers/specialists.

WWS - Consultoria Informática, Lda
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Where is my stuff and what is it doing? Bringing IoT to the mass market by WITTRA

Outperforming our competition, WITTRA redefine the IoT landscape through our patented technology, taking clients and partners directly to ‘proof of value’ with predetermined ROI. Our unique pre-integrated, pre-tested and pre-secure solutions allow users to collect, communicate and control their assets even in the toughest of environments. We bring IoT to the mass market.

Wittra Sweden AB
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We make PRIMEFLEX Work in partnership across EMEA by Cutter

Partnering with Cutter will give you an instant, day one capability to meet your customers’ virtualisation, cloud computing and managed services requirements. With our strong technical expertise and long experience of working in collaboration with partners, we can help you achieve your customers’ goals quickly and deliver a great result, every time.

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A unified platform to connect data, apps, APIs, and partners by SNAPLOGIC

snapLogic’s AI-powered workflows and self-service integration capabilities make it fast and easy for organizations to manage all their application integration, data integration, and data engineering projects on a single, scalable platform. Hundreds of Global 2000 customers rely on SnapLogic to automate business processes, accelerate analytics, and drive digital transformation.

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Vulnerability Scan as a Service by MicroCat

Be safe with the vulnerability scan from microCAT GmbH, you can also contact your FUJITSU account manager. microCAT offers this service to FUJITSU's Select Partners to be integrated into their end customer offerings, also applicable to SME

microCAT GmbH
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Palmki the user-friendly biometric authentication by PERFECT ID

PALMKI is literally a Palm KEY, a user-friendly biometric key. This authentication is a highly reliable method based upon recognition of unique vein patterns. The technique, which is very difficult to copy, is currently the best available method in the field of biometric security. Scanning a palm works quickly and accurately, and has a high score on user friendliness.

Perfect ID
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We make AI work in practice by BRAINPOOL

Brainpool is a global network of over 500 AI and Machine Learning experts, providing end-to-end AI services and scalable AI solutions. Brainpool enables organisations to access some of the greatest minds in AI and leverage their knowledge and expertise to solve the most pressing business challenges.

Brainpool AI
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